Kenneth D. Lewis (1925-2014)

Kenneth D. Lewis, 89, of Maine, NY,
born April 26, 1925 'went to be with the Lord' Wednesday May 14, 2014.

 Kenneth D. Lewis (1925-2014)

Ken was predeceased by his mother Louise Krause Lewis Hogan, father, David Lewis, step father, Edwin Hogan,
sister, Dawn Cook and daughter, Patricia J. Lewis.
He is survived by his loving wife of 65 years, Clara J. Lewis,
daughters; Darlene (Al) Quinlan, Kathyann Cunning, Janet (John) Zelesnikar, Judy Lainhart, Donna Monell,
16 grandchildren, 25 great grandchildren, 1 great great grandchild.

Ken retired from IBM after 40 years of employment.
He loved his family, enjoyed gardening and was a longtime Yankee fan.
Ken was devoted to the Lord and his church, served as Deacon, Choir Director and Vocalist.
He was blessed with a beautiful voice and used it to praise the Lord.
His favorite song to sing was "I'd Rather Have Jesus".
Ken was known for his sense of humor and quick wit always coming up with a funny joke or rhyme!

My 2c worth:
Ken was a MAJOR INFLUENCE in the continuation of the West Corners Baptist Church.
Pastors were brought in by the dozen; Ken would rebuke ministers when necessary, during the deacons meetings.
I once had to report to a deacons meeting, I had to answer to one person and, one person only, it was Ken Lewis.

James Riley was the first and only minister that stood on any reasonable footing; Ken willingly served along side him.
Ken cited health issues when he left the West Corners Baptist Church as his nephew acquired the church to suite his objectives.

At one time, I thought Kens' favorite song was:

"Leaning On The Everlasting Arms"

What a fellowship, what a joy divine,
Leaning on the everlasting arms;
What a blessedness, what a peace is mine,
Leaning on the everlasting arms.


Leaning, leaning, safe and secure from all alarms;
Leaning, leaning, leaning on the everlasting arms.

O how sweet to walk in this pilgrim way,
Leaning on the everlasting arms;
O how bright the path grows from day to day,
Leaning on the everlasting arms.


What have I to dread, what have I to fear,
Leaning on the everlasting arms;
I have blessed peace with my Lord so near,
Leaning on the everlasting arms.


1887 Elisha A. Hoffman (1839-1929)


The Problem

‘So…Our Church Is In Good Company, 
and You Are Becoming Increasingly Alone’


from: Matthew P. Klimek
to: "Cook, David (Pastor)"
cc: "president@davisny.edu"
date: Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 4:07 AM
subject: access to the church
mailed-by: gmail.com

You have not allowed me to access my church in four years.
I have wanted to attend and yet, I have been denied access.
I am comfortable with my spiritual perspective and I do not see that it is suitable to block me from others.
Non-unification is a sorrowful and unsuitable pattern for a church to identify it's existence.

Questions should be addressed in frequent meetings that involve discussions that may often involve personal information that needs to be verified.
In the past you have written statements about not wanting a 'church police'.
It appears that there is little hope in establishing continuation without some third party observance.
The other night, you insisted that the Doxology is insufficient compared to church doctrine; I take great issue with that perspective.

You have insisted on a regiment that entails unnecessary convergence of thought into trivial areas of belief.
The only importance that I have observed in the church is a uplifting and continuous spiritual focus maintained through occurrences that define the limitation of human life.
A closed door policy does not allow this focus to be in communion amongst others; I believe this to be a great wrong in your ministry.
When communication is severed in the name of preservation, a unnecessary shadow is cast in the corridor of continuation.
I urge you to reassess your 'control policies' and engage in ongoing dialogue involving input with all of the congregation present.
I myself have been excluded from any functionality in the church,
I believe that my input is and has been a component of continuation that no one should have been repressed from exposure of.
I urge you to forgo all reservations of  embarrassment, guilt, and jealousy to allow an expressive environment to communicate and develop focus
onto a viable spiritual plane of unlimited accommodation toward all.

from: DJCookirk@aol.com
to: matthew.klimek@gmail.com
date: Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 1:12 PM
subject: Re: access to the church
mailed-by: aol.com
signed-by: mx.aol.com

"Saw some disturbing Facebook "rants" this morning.... from the little I read, this person seems unbalanced and vindictive to me, to say the least."
That's from a Fb friend of mine.
I've a number of FB friends and they're reporting you.
I hope a word to the wise is sufficient.
Our church is doing fine. It is open to all save one unbalanced person with a penchant for making up people's histories, getting facts wrong, disregarding reality, and verbally (emotionally) attacking and hurting people. You're that person. Your actions have also impacted your schooling and your employment. So our church is in good company, and you are becoming increasingly alone.
The answer is no. You resigned. You have no standing.
You need to deal with the results of your actions.
You need professional help Matt. For that you have our prayers.

Dave Cook

from: Matthew P. Klimek
to: "president@davisny.edu" ,
 "Cook, David (Pastor)"
cc: "bgm-newsroom@gannett.com" ,
bcc: GMollen@co.broome.ny.us
date: Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 4:47 PM
subject: Fwd: access to the church

I do not agree with this and I believe this to be untrue.
There is no communication in a truthful manor with the West Corners Baptist Church.
I will write freely and, I am willing to listen to the opinions of others but, I want access to my church.
I am not here to please the expectations of others.
I have complained about the acting pastor because he has continuously denied me access to my church and participation in church activities.
It appears that there is no mediation available to review the church and accusations.
I will say that I am grateful to be an American; the First Amendment is very real.

"You need professional help Matt. For that you have our prayers.
Dave Cook"

I find it rather surprising that the desire of involvement in a church that I have been in since 1988 would not be regarded as help!

"Don't act dense.
You've not answered my previous question regarding doctrine,
nor have you answered this current question.
Do you want a dialogue, or are you, per usual,
only fascinated by your own monologue.
David John Cook

2013-08-14 9:46pm

Also, what happened to the statement from Dave Cook stating that 'he never used drugs or committed violence'?
It is no longer on my Facebook page, I wanted to use it in my project.
Further action needs to be taken to ensure that any minister does not misrepresent others.
Matthew P. Klimek

For reference purposes, this is the letter resulting in an 'resignation'
Exhibit A:

 john cook 
to: Matthew Klimek
date: Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 2:21 PM
subject:  Hey
mailed-by: yahoo.com
signed-by: yahoo.com

 I have taken control of the MySpace pages. Corey will be the new web master. I strongly encourage you to give me the Facebook sign in and password. I do think that you do great work with you photography,and those old pics of the church...wow!! But as it stands now, all I have to do is say "Yes" and the church Facebook is dead. I don't want to do that. Like I said before, the work you have done is stellar, but you've done damage as well, I will not let that happen anymore. If indeed the work that you have done is for the church and not just your ego, you will give me the FB log in info. Or I will have the page deleted. Like I said, I'm only two words away from doing that. I have been in touch with FB administration,  and we see eye to eye. So here is what you have to do. Hand over ALL info on WCBC web pages, and promise to not create new ones. Because you know what? I will find them, and will press charges if applicable. I'm not as nice as David and I will go to the furthest extent within the law with out hesitation. You can fix all of this ya know. Just get help. Christ almighty I know that of all people. Just as a reminder, you have not been kicked out of the church. You ARE still a member, we want you better brother. BUT we will not put up with your shit any longer. Remember, I am still the chairman of the board of trustees, and I can over ride any decision made by the pastor. After all, we the board of trustees and the deacons are his boss so to speak. Co-operate dammit.

J.M. Cook
Exhibit B:

 Matthew Klimek 
to: "Cook, Kathleen" KCook@wskg.org
date: Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 9:13 PM
subject:  Re: Hey
mailed-by: gmail.com

I am so unimpressed to read that John is "the chairman of the board of trustees".
Your church has two MySpace pages, you will all have to work together to build a facebook page.
Nothing is in too bad of shape but, I am hereby resigning my membership of The West Corners Baptist Church.
I have entrusted you with my resignation; I expect you to formally present it.
It serves no purpose to further continue the archive project so, they will be returned to the church incomplete.
Matthew P. Klimek 2009-12-30


2013-08-05 through 13

from: Matthew P. Klimek
to: "Cook, David (Pastor)"
date: Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 9:01 PM
subject: For What It's Worth
mailed-by: gmail.com

 looking at everything, I don't see any serious conflict in recent writings or the church in general.
Most of my free time is spent in and around production projects; an area that does pacify me.

In the last letter you sent to me,
I was mostly interested in using original content to make my music more expressive; it was good.

I would like attendance in the church.
If you were to spearhead group project of musicians in the church,
perhaps we could process each track and mix it in a suitable manor for representation of various objectives.

I've made it this far:

XII (2013-05)
Fluff Town With A Sticky Iron (2013-04)
100 Lincoln Avenue: The Early Compilation
The Lincoln Logs of Other Early Works

The Constant Sorrow of Gravity’s Downward Situation (2013-07)
Throw Yourself On Me (EP) (2013-07)
Meet The Voorholes! (2013-06)

At this point, I have not worked with other musicians; I want more input from others.
It does not matter how the instrumental tracks are recorded;
one track at a time is better for the overall mix but some effort can be made to process a group recording.

The overall point is that the church is growing, the church could benefit from a few audio recordings and supportive videos.
As far as it goes for fanaticism in arrangement, I go through that at home.
I will accept anything that can be sounded out as a group project,
I want to work with anything else.

PS: there was a chain letter, I was pissed, I did send it to a few people for some type of review.
The personal life is in near shambles but, the music is at least brighter than other circumstances elsewhere.

‘Where Will I Be?’


from: Matthew P. Klimek
to: "Cook, David (Pastor)" ,
 "Stewart, David" ,
 "Adams, Corey" ,
 "Phillips, Kimberly" ,
 "Cartner, Aimee" ,
 "Cook, Kathleen" ,
 "president@davisny.edu" ,
cc: "bgm-newsroom@gannett.com" ,
date: Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 4:34 PM
subject: Fwd: For What It's Worth

Mr. Cook,
 your inability/ unwillingness to respond to my demand to enter my church leaves me with no further options other than to identify you as a bully with an ugly criminal history that detracts from the stability of the church.
I have submitted several written requests to enter my church; I have been denied attendance from Sunday Worship Services, Wednesday Night Prayer Meetings, Quarter Annual Business Meetings and, other church functions.
Additionally, you have bypassed the church constitution to achieve a church in your image at the expense of my testimony.
I see no point in contending with your mismanagement.
I want equal access to my church with an authoritative review process in place.

In the past four years,
I have learned that only because someone proclaims their self within servitude of God,
it is often little more than selfish motive.
Matthew P. Klimek

"You try using words that will take me where I don't want to go.
I raised my hands and said I love you so.
You took advantage of me because I had no where to go.
Four years have gone by and I'm asking why?
You tell me that I am not of you so, I must stay away.
When I tell you what happened, you pray in front of everyone that I will stay away.

The people that you have sheltered pierce their skin and cry in front of you, although they are turning blue, you rejoice of their restructured testimony in front of you. 
Now you're really in trouble because I have nothing to do.
Of all of the things that I have published about anything around you, it's about the salt of your truth that has turned to sweat that washes down the nearest drain.

It amazes me that you cry in pain when you're the one that turns people that have so much to gain so that they will not refrain. 
It's the total sum of your selfish domain. 
It's the total sum of your selfish domain. 
It's the total sum of your selfish domain." 

'The Total Sum of You'

MPK 2013

from: DJCookirk@aol.com
to: matthew.klimek@gmail.com
date: Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 5:36 PM
subject: Re: For What It's Worth
mailed-by: aol.com
signed-by: mx.aol.com

It's simple.
You resigned membership from church..
You therefore have no standing to "demand" anything.


‘Worthless American Ministers’


from: Matthew P. Klimek
to: "Cook, David (Pastor)"
date: Tue, May 7, 2013 at 9:07 PM
subject: Return to church
mailed-by: gmail.com

 I want to return to my church without the threat of being arrested.
Am I welcome to attend?

from: DJCookirk@aol.com
to: matthew.klimek@gmail.com
date: Tue, May 7, 2013 at 10:53 PM
subject: Re: Return to church
mailed-by: aol.com
signed-by: mx.aol.com

After what you posted shortly after the fire at the Stewart's {Exhibit A}, and especially after you messaged Kim Phillips {Exhibit B} just last week with some bizarre characterizations; it's pretty clear to a number of us that you've received no type of help whatsoever in trying to curb or control your delusional tirades, which was always the main problem with you in the first place. So, in short, No. You are not welcome to attend. The trespass order still is in effect.
(Your attendance at my mother's memorial service last year was a unique and entirely different situation and issue, and cannot be considered as a "template" to be placed on the normal functioning and services of the church.)
It's symptomatic of your problem that you continue to berate certain members of the church (who have never done ANYTHING to you to deserve it) LONG after you resigned as member (we have your resignation email). Most, if not all, would have moved on by now. That you have not moved on is also symptomatic.
Not only that, but since you resigned you have publicly published pretty consistently that you vehemently disagree with the CORE mission of the church, that you believe NONE of what is taught here. You have made it clear that you are not remotely interested in serving after the biblical model of Christ that our church promotes. Thusly, this is not "your church", hasn't been "your church" for a long time, and according to what you've published, never really ever WAS "your church".
The situation being as it is, one is forced to ask; WHY are you pursuing attending? WHAT possible reason could you have for doing so? Conversely, given all this, WHY should we be amenable to welcoming you back?
It is frustrating because we have proved able to work TOGETHER on various projects at various times, even recently (the flood and clean up at the Stewart's), only to be attacked a few weeks afterward with foul and bizarre characterizations of my family and myself in particular, and others in general, on your various blogs.
Your "problem" has grown to be NOT exclusive with our church, but now includes the Gannett company, Davis College, and Broome Community College. That's quite a list! That you don't see the "issue" being YOU as evident is the problem you need to address.
And until such time as it DOES get addressed and (hopefully) worked out, you can't be welcomed. I really AM sorry. But your continuing fixation leaves no alternative.

Exhibit A:
I sent an e-mail to (Description of):
Jenny Green , DJCookirk@aol.com and, Adams, Corey
Happy Thanksgiving! Count your blessings, name them one by one!

Steawrt Family Suffers Loss of House and Pets

For so many of us, Thanksgiving was a day of food and enjoyment amongst relatives.
The Stewart family of the West Corners Baptist Church, had a horrifically different Thanksgiving.
David was at work in the supermarket, Gladys and the three children were at a relatives house for a noon meal.
David was contacted by a neighbor and told that his house was in flame; the fire department was on location at the house.
Both the dog and cat of Julie Stewart perished in the fire.
The house has sustained some structural damage,
a determination must be made by a structural engineer as to if the house can be salvaged as a frame to rebuild.
All of the contents of the house have been destroyed.

Pray for:
-Clear understanding of options with choices that reflect the maximum benefit of options available.
-Comfort of anguished souls; Julie was parental in nature to her animals.

I then wrote something along the line of:
Hopefully both of the pastor and Corey Adams will get off of their Goddamn lazy asses and help with the cleanup.

from: Matthew P. Klimek
to: "Cook, David (Pastor)"
date: Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 4:46 PM
subject: Cleanup
mailed-by: gmail.com

 I walked by the Stewarts house, I saw a red dumpster, I walked toward the corner of Boswell Hill Rd., looked back and, I think I saw you.
I am wiling to spend time helping to pick up debris and toss it into the dumpster; I found that I have all of the necessary garments that will not be used otherwise.

It's my understanding that the interior of the house is off limits until the investigator takes inventory and verifies that it really is a  fire caused by error or wiring problems.
It may have been a giblet fire?

At some point, it will be interesting to see what is left of their computer and attempt data recovery from the hard drives.
A small amount of good news: I ALMOST returned the photo album of the church back to Gladys (I have had it since 2009).
You can have the album anytime you want it.

If you see fit to want someone to work with you, I will work a few days, perhaps more to get everything out of there.

I was defiantly thinking of the cleanup effort when I composed this video. 

'I Too Should Be At The Cleanup With the People of God 
(The Fire That Consumed All)'

from: DJCookirk@aol.com
to: matthew.klimek@gmail.com
date: Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 6:43 AM
subject: Re: Cleanup
mailed-by: aol.com
signed-by: mx.aol.com

So far, the plan is to clean up the outside so staging for future work can be more efficient. David's wood trailer is parked at the parsonage driveway so it's out of the way.
The next "chore" of the clean up will be to transfer David's wood pile over to the tree line (approx. where the trailer is, close to his property line). This will enable machinery and what have you to get closer to the house. I'm working with another pastor for youth group help to accomplish this next week, probably Saturday the 8th. But there's no reason we couldn't get it started. David has off work next Tuesday, the 4th, so that's probably a good day to start.
As for the clean up inside the house, that will probably be a contractor task (Once a decision is made by a code inspector as to the structural integrity of the kitchen and living room area that is). David's been in touch with his insurance adjuster, and the word is no internal clean up is to begin until a settlement is reached with the insurance company.

As to the fire itself, the prevailing theory is that some animal may have chewed into wiring which caused the electrical fire.
I'll pass along more info as I get it from the Stewarts.



Sometimes it’s so easy,
You can apply your God given understanding and look away.
It must be so rewarding, to inform everyone that someone has gone astray.
You can call a town meeting and demand that someone has to be put away.

Through time that is remaining, 
I hope someone calls your name and will not walk away.
You can start to explain that you’re on a mission with significant delay.
Throw them around, up and, down; 
it’s a chapter from a book that can only be interpreted by you.

‘Day Seven’


Exhibit B:

April 8, 2013

Hi Kim,
 I saw your profile page so,
I thought I would say a thing or two.
About the church: I do not consider it a closed chapter.
Did it ever seem strange to you that protocols were not observed so as to stand in front of the church and explain myself?
I asked to but the specimen that you call a pastor said 'no'.
It often amazes me that the acting pastor will simply state that an issue is no one's business when in all actuality, it deeply effects the church.
I wish I could say that Corey is a strong man but, his real testament is that he will be accountable for preventing someone from entering and serving in their church.
TRULY, if there is a price to be paid, it will be of severe damnation to both Dave and Corey.
I knew Dave when he was a drug addict that hurt people, it now seems that he spends much time to attempt to define God onto others.
It could be of some truth but, he summarizes actions such as throwing me out of my church as a protective act.
At some point, all of you are going to come face to face with me and I am not going to hold anything back. Dave set strict standards for me and Karen went and whored herself out to anything that would slide into her.
Double standards will in time be the ruin of such a ministry.
Although he church has a very vile history and, much of it is pure Baptist ignorance.
I do have one question. If you know that Corey is wrong, why do you stand by him?
I have walked in front of the red car as you sat as a passenger at the stoplight,
Corey would say something to you and,
you would look exasperated. I have walked along the roadway and Corey would yell out of the window of a moving car "That's It".
That is what?
That is the limitation of church filled with alcoholics and heroin addicts?
I find the selective servitude of 'God' to be putrid when it is nothing more than a few selfish acts to impress others.
lately I have been composing music; a sizable percentage of it criticizes Dave Cook and Corey Adams.
I have been releasing under the Alternative genre, that means that I am listed along with Davis College and Union Center.
The 'God' that they Dave and Corey protect is actually a dark shame that they use to attempt to control those that are willing.
There will be never-ending justice but, I don't think it will be what any of you thought it will be.
I really wish that you had thought everything through and stood up when it mattered; it is going to be a long and hard fought road. The church was a necessity and you just sat there

Somethings take time.

2013-10-05 through 10

'Empty Fields'

from: Matthew P. Klimek
to: "Cook, David (Pastor)"
date: Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 4:08 AM
subject: It was good to see everyone.
mailed-by: gmail.com

Hi Dave,
 I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for dinner and the opportunity to see everyone.
As your mother has passed on, I look somberly at my mother and foresee the same occurrence.
Time can become weary in the shadows without; it is good to be focused on a long term objective.

Anyhow, I straightened up what was left of the only webpage (blog) that had any content to do with your church.
I actually produced two videos with music that I recorded myself (the sound engineering class was worthwhile).

Mostly, things are vastly better since I started recording music and producing my own videos; mostly.

Also, the piano - fiddle performance was recordable, with some signal processing, it would have been feasible to use it in a production video.
I wanted to mention it because all I do is churn out studio work; that is where I record the guitar onto the hard-drive as I sit her playing it and then I select the portion of the signal that I want to work with.
Effectively, I cut and paste everything together.
It was nice to hear something live!

from: DJCookirk@aol.com
to: matthew.klimek@gmail.com
date: Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 11:53 AM
subject: Re: It was good to see everyone.
mailed-by: aol.com
signed-by: mx.aol.com

Thank you for coming to mom's service. I'm glad you came, and I'm glad you enjoyed the live music as well. Sorry I didn't get too much time to spend at the dinner. I didn't actually get to eat too much either. A lot of catching up to do with a lot of folks. As it was, I wish there was more time to spend with more people.


-Christ Man tell me what you believe.-
-Christ Man tell me what you perceive.-
-Christ Man tell me what you will weave.-
-Christ Man tell me why you tell me I have to leave.-

'Christ Man'

from: Matthew Klimek
to: "askdavis@davisny.edu"
date: Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 1:00 AM
subject: Are mediation services available for church disputes?
mailed-by: gmail.com

are mediation services available for church disputes?
I have encountered a moderate conflict with the West Corners Baptist Church.
The acting pastor David Cook without any notice stopped the Sunday service (December 6th 2009) and asked me to leave. I did refuse and, he called the police.
During the entire process, I asked for a meeting with the church administrators; I was immediately denied.

One of many problems with Dave Cook as a minister is that he absolutely refuses to involve people with the church that want to serve in it; he runs it for his extended family.
I was told by Dave Cook that I could not attend the Quarter Annual Business Meeting held last November; I very much so needed to discuss business issues with the church.
I did file a complaint with the New York Civil Liberties Union; they refused the case.

I have not been allowed to attend my church since December 6th and, I only have some of a idea how to mobilize a legal campaign in opposition to his unchallenged tyranny.
We have lost all of our elders (they went to the West Endicott Baptist Church) except for one 94 year old woman that sits by herself and waits for the end to arrive.

Enough is enough, this idiot has destroyed most of the church; he is a Practical Bible College graduate.
The entire church is in need of assistance and meetings to plan the future.
The following people are 'actively involved' with the West Corners Baptist Church:
David Cook
Corey Adams
Kimberly Phillips
Aimee Cartner
None of them are worth a damn. I'm sorry but, they're not.

Matthew P. Klimek

from: Sue VanDeventer
to: Matthew Klimek
date: Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 9:47 AM
subject: RE: Are mediation services available for church disputes?

Dear Mr. Klimek,
 Thank you for your e-mail. However, Davis College has no authority in local church matters and does not involve itself in local church issues unless the authority of the church requested specifically to do so. Even in that case it would be in an advisory capacity. I’m sure you could search for an organization that mediates disputes specifically for churches online.
We pray that matters may be resolved Biblically for you and your church.
Sue VanDeventer, MA, BRE
Admissions Coordinator
Davis College
Relevant for Life. Ministry Driven. Exciting.
400 Riverside Dr.
Johnson City, NY 13790
1.877.WHYDC4U (1.877.949.3248)


‘Eating Nutmeg off of the Ground is Wrong’

from: Matthew Klimek
to: "Cook, David (Pastor)"
date: Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 9:40 AM
subject: Nothing
mailed-by: gmail.com

I just had a e-mail from Brenda.
I clearly see how I am regarded by her.
I am frustrated; the best I could do to handle it was to minimize my response and carbon copy you.
I know it must be a dream come true for you to see this but, at this time, I am at my limit of what I can accept.
I hope Brenda has a shitty day.
The hypodermic needle is a standing question?

from: DJCookirk@aol.com
to: matthew.klimek@gmail.com
date: Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 1:59 PM
subject: Re: Nothing
mailed-by: aol.com

"I know it must be a dream come true for you to see this..."
Matt, why do you say that?
"The hypodermic needle is a standing question?"
Well, it's a non-issue.


from: Matthew Klimek
to: "Cook, David (Pastor)"
date: Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 3:56 PM
subject: I need updates for the webpages
mailed-by: gmail.com

 I need updates for the web pages.
Can't you send a text file of the bulletin each Friday or when ever it is ready?

It’s a Sunday and I didn't get out today,
didn't kneel at the edge of the bed and start to pray.

Funny how things will go your way,
even if it’s another day.

Who’s to say what’s a prayer,
I don’t care if your far or near.



from: Matthew Klimek
to: "Cook, David (Pastor)"
date: Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 11:12 PM
subject: Did you have any music in mind for the VBS announcement?
mailed-by: gmail.com

 Did you have any music in mind for the VBS announcement?
I'll try to find it on My Space and post it if you do.


‘Sitting In A Chair’
The Voorholes

from: Matthew Klimek
to: Pastor David Cook
date: Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 3:46 PM
subject: I want your resignation
mailed-by: gmail.com

you have failed to develop any reasonable capacity for myself and others in the West Corners Baptist Church.
I want you relieved of the position of pastor and replaced.
You have absolutely no accountability of your actions onto the
The trustees are non present and do absolutely nothing in church or real

The July 13th business meeting did not occur.
This meeting was absolutely essential for the determination
of the next steps to be taken pertaining to the governing future as well
as my involvement in the church.
The Communications director position has not yet been created.
The church does not have any known ability to coordinate anything at all
amongst it's people.
You as a pastor have stated that you allow the people in congregation to
use drugs.
You may want to take inventory of the church and it's congregation to
determine at what expense this policy of yours cost everyone.
You smoke and so does your daughter.

As I wrote to you earlier, several named people have serious stimulant
drug problems (you can say that I am lying all that you want but, you're
covering up the truth)
Your ministry is misdirected as a outreach to the drug users and
everyone else of any good intention goes with out spiritual fulfillment
because of the gross consumption of your 'outreach'.

The position of pastor and the occupation of the parsonage are for responsible people that understand and recognize spiritual growth and development and are willing to accommodate truth into a recognizable form of servitude.
You do nothing except sit on your fat ass and smoke.
In the past, I have urged you to reassess the ways and means in and of the church.
The crippling limitations have nothing to do with money,
it is your misunderstanding and or misapplication of those that are willing to serve.

You have been more that selfish as the pastor, you have inflicted great harm onto the church by allowing the vile deeds of others to remain unchallenged.
I am recommending that you be replaced with a governing body composed of members of another church to be named.

I want all ledgers and other books (green books) of church activities and minutes returned to the church.
Brenda Fuller is holding them, she may have older church minutes dating back to the Cartner area with statements that should have never left the church!

The clerk is to be replaced immediately.
I cannot overemphasize just how neglectful of your Christian responsibility you are; epically, when those that are willing to serve are denied.
I know that you are proud of the fact that the church constitution no longer states that congregation in and solicitation of places of ill repute is prohibited.

As far as I see it; you're an idiot.
None of you are capable of understanding what the body of Christ looks like as it stands before you.
Why would you sacrifice people, to protect the wrong doings of others?

‘Funny Girl; I’m Too Far Away’

I’m not sorry, I’m just lonely.
I’m not sorry, I’m just lonely.
I’m not sorry, I’m just lonely.

Well you know,
Well you know,
I’m too far gone to not let it show.
Sometimes I wish,
Sometimes I wish, I was big enough to step in and make it so.

Every time,
Every time I think about you I don’t know what to do.
Not a word,
Not a word,
Not a word that I ever said to you was untrue.
And I know,
And I know,
And I know,
And I know my feelings are all that is left to show.

from: DJCookirk@aol.com
to: matthew.klimek@gmail.com
date: Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 5:16 PM
subject: Re: I want your resignation
mailed-by: aol.com

In a word,
You'd have to get a few more members to see things your way, and then a group of you can certainly fire me. That's your right.
But no one gets a resignation from me.
Regarding the books and ledgers;
Once again Matt,
you show an overwhelming capacity to be totally ignorant, incredibly selfish and vicious,  hugely ineffectual, and locked in a world of your own.
You confuse the urgency of your frenzied whims with reality, and assume others need to view things likewise.
Worse yet, you confuse dogmatic tradition for biblical truth. You HATE any Christ like concept of humility, and as far as I can see, are only interested in service IF YOU can benefit from it. 
You are no more qualified to discern (much less assess) spiritual growth than a four year old. You are simply out "to get" a few people. But you have no legs Matt.
Matt, this is a church. NOT a college marketing and/or management project. Were you to try this at ANY OTHER church, YOU would be forced out of membership. And you know it.
I don't ask you for your resignation. I just don't feel right getting revenge and going after someone with a mental problem just because he occasionally likes to write nasty and stupid emails to me. I've told you before, I feel our church is stronger with you than without you.
And AGAIN I receive the brunt of the bad side of your condition.
I suppose, as pastor, you would like me to FORCE YOU to get counseling (As if I could FORCE anyone to do anything).
Actually, that might not be a bad idea. At the very least, I might stop getting these vitriolic and foolish emails (Which I KEEP by the way!).
I'll file this with my other "Matt-slips-a-groove" letters.
Maybe I'll see you when you land back on Earth.


‘Prestigious Aftermath’

from: Matthew Klimek
to: Pastor David Cook ,
 Aimee Cartner ,
 Brenda ,
 Corey Adams ,
 David Stewart ,
 Doug Reynolds ,
 Karal & Bonnie Geisenhof ,
 Kathleen Cook ,
 Kimberly Phillips ,
 Linda Ruth Pfannenschmidt ,
 Sue VanWormer ,
 Wendy Reynolds
date: Thu, May 15, 2008 at 10:05 PM
subject: Request of Consideration for a Special Meeting pertaining to the Constitution of the West Corners Baptist Church
mailed-by: gmail.com
Request of Consideration for a Special Meeting pertaining to the Constitution of the West Corners Baptist Church

Good day to everyone.
  Our church constitution is in shambles and without any reasonable consensus of interpretation.
There have been several substantial conflicts of understanding involving the Nominating Committee, Trustees and Deacons;
all of which have significantly impacted church growth and participation.

My objective is to collectively engage in a congressional body (all of our church) to ratify a revised church constitution
that will enable and display spiritual growth and servitude onto the congregation.

We cannot deny our brethren servitude in the body of Christ.

I have selected three issues in particular that are of concern.

Deacons: we only have two; we are in need of four.

Trustees:  the constitution states that six are required.
Six is quite agreeable because diversification is an extremely positive attribute in servitude to the church (computer skills, electricians, plumbers, legal review ECT...)
(I have very much wanted to serve the West Corners Baptist Church as a trustee).

The biggest problem here is that the only two deacons that we have been dually appointed as Trustees;
so the serving core is tightly restricted to anyone that wants to serve.
It would be far wiser to select six trustees that are not deacons so that we may have more people to serve and enable the church to grow.
I'm sure that any help in maintenance that the deacons wish to provide would not be at all refused.

The most serious problem is The Nominating Committee.
The constitution states that five should be elected by majority vote and the pastor should reside as chairman.
There were three people on the committee; the pastor indicated to me that he did not have any involvement with the committee.
The committee made no apparent effort to contact anyone in the church including myself.

I am calling for the replacement of The Nominating Committee with a democratic system
that enables everyone in the church to be advised of vacancies.
In this proposal; all positions (vacant and anticipated vacancies) would be posted
with a signup sheet in a visible location within the church.

This will enable anyone to sign up for the position and best of all, if there should be more than one candidate,
we could have a debate involving the candidates providing an opening statement
and then several preformed questions will be asked followed by open questions.
I do not know of a better way to display growth in the body of Christ
than by standing in front of the congregation and answering to them!

We must enable the church to accommodate outward spiritual growth in the form of servitude and planning for the future.
If we blindly leave everything to the prejudice of the few and stifle the willing by denial of servitude in the body of Christ
(not at all that it would be an intentional act but, a costly oversight),
then we will reap nothing except that to the pace of a snail without direction.

I am asking for five people to come forward and to merely request a review with everyone's input
of The Constitution of The West Corners Baptist Church,
So that we may ensure that no one is denied servitude in the body of Christ in the West Corners Baptist Church.

I would like to close with a prayer:
Lord we are grateful as a congregation for our church and pastor.
We embrace our church with a passion and love for all of mankind.
We willingly embrace many challenges toward an outcome of higher understanding and a better acceptance of others.
We must not let any form of prejudice sniffle spiritual growth and development so as to deny servitude in the body of Christ.
We must allow spiritual growth to be the dominant influence as acceptance of our brethren in the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.

Matthew Peter Klimek

‘The Rip Van Winkle Syndrome’
The Voorholes 

There is something I must state at his time.
There are letters that I have not included, 'the writings of the day'.
Statements have made to the acting pastor including but in no way limited to:
-I want a bag of weed-
-Jesus Christ Fuck You-
-Brenda Fuller is a Jesus Christ Fucking Worthless Whore-
-I know about the Narcotics Meetings called 'The Main Thing', 
why didn't you tell any of us you lazy worthless Fuck!!!-

I wish I could say I embellished it very much but, it's not much at all.
I have been looking through the e-mails and the dominate theme is:
I want to serve in a church office
The typical sentiment after non-success is:
The Pastor can go Fuck himself
There is probably in the order of twenty e-mails in this category through out 2008.

For some completly unknown reason,
in 2009,
the Pastor agreed to allow me to document the 2009 VBS with a camera that recorded video and photographs.
The work was posted on a Facebook and two MySpace pages.
Bay and far,
this was the saving grace for me because,
I was well applied and I quieted down as I was focused on my work.

the Pastor thew me out of the church in December of 2009 after I complained about an unfair election.
The Pastor did not reflect of balance,
he demonstrated an accumulated reaction that is not appreciated in an spiritual environment.
The Pastor has got to learn to work with and channel development; it is a major product of a successful environment.

My objective is to return to the church and work on long term sound scores; something over the whole winter that can be used during the summer.
I dare say that the pastor is somewhat embittered toward the whole thing; 'words of rust'.
We are going to need some type of structural outline.
It generally appears that David Cook and Corey Adams will hear nothing of it;
I want an intelligent package presented to the church.

Mathew P. Klimek

‘Where Will I Be (After The Storm)’
The Voorholes


WCBC 1942-2012: Reminiscences from The First Pastor

(left to right)
Rev. Dennis Cartner 1986-1998, John Wolf, Margaret Wolf, 
Rev. Donald Stowell 1942-1945 (1st Pastor), Wife of Rev. Stowell